Ida Keigwin

Our Namesake: Ida Keigwin

Keigwin School is named after a truly great teacher and humanitarian. Ida Keigwin was born in Scotland, Connecticut in 1866. Her parents were teachers and instilled a love of learning and teaching in their daughter. Ida was a teacher near Patchaug before she was 16 years old! She left that position to attend Bacon Academy to further her education. She then resumed her teaching career in the Marvin District of Colchester. She also taught in Moodus, Chester, and East Haddam. She became the high school principal in Chester and later principal and teacher of Johnson School in Middletown. She taught the "3 R's", painting, religion, good citizenship, personal pride and worth. Her career in Middletown spanned 35 years.

Ida retired when she was 71. In retirement, Ida was active in helping the missionaries of China, Japan, West Africa, South India, and Malaya through financial and personal support. Her goal was to help forward the cause for World Peace. She lived a totally unselfish life and her caring touch affected the lives of thousands of children.

Notice the portrait of the lovely Miss Ida Keigwin in the background of this picture!

Vivian Snyder Dower and Walt Dower have donated a poetry book to former Keigwin Middle School Principal, Tracey Koff, in remembrance of the school's namesake, Miss Ida Keigwin. Vivian's father, Thomas Snyder, was a 5th grade student of Miss Keigwin in 1912, and she kept in touch with his family for many years. The book was given to Thomas' family in 1936 with an inscription by Miss Keigwin which read, "Thomas Snyder and Family, for Poetry Evenings."