Academic Ambassadors

BE An Academic Ambassador of the Month!

Academic Ambassadors of the Month Program





  • The student must demonstrate behavior consistent with R.O.C.K.S.

  • No referrals. No bus write ups.

  • Must do a minimum of four hours of community service. The hours cannot be completed at home. The student may not receive any payment for services being done. A community service completion form must be completed and signed by whomever the services were provided for.

  • Two Super work assignments must be completed and the two Super Work Card completion forms must be turned in with the community service form.

  • All paper work must be turned in by the designated date for each month.


  • Each celebration a new activity will be planned by the P.T.O. for all of the students that have met the criteria to become an Academic Ambassador


(These are some examples of what you can do for community service)

  • Volunteer to help keep the school clean and beautiful

  • Volunteer at a school function and support Keigwin staff or teachers at our elementary schools

  • Volunteer at Church

  • Collect can goods for a food pantry

  • Help senior citizens in your neighborhood with yard work

  • Visit a senior center and socialize with the residents

  • Volunteer for a meal service at a shelter

  • Collect recycling and donate the money

  • Help teachers clean and organize their classrooms

  • Volunteer at a dog shelter

  • Collect toys for a children’s hospital

*See any teacher for a Super Work Card assignment*

Go For It! You can do it!

Keigwin Academic Ambassadors- Schedule for 2017-2018

Superwork and Community Service Hours Due:

Wednesday November 6 2017

Wednesday January 10 2018

Wednesday March  7 2018

Wednesday May 9 2018